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”Crucifix doesn’t tell us about defeat and failure; it tells us about love that defeats evil and sin”. Pope Francesco

The idea of realizing crucifixes, rosaries and religious glass items was born from an intuition of Teodora and Valerio Marchesi, owners of F.lli Marchesi S.r.l., a famous and old company specialised in the mould of plastic materials.

Born in 1970, as a family craftsman company focused on the moulding of plastic materials, it then became, for more than 20 years, one of the leader of the market in the field of C0 cassettes, with many customers among the most important record industries and audio       sound items producers. The process of moulding and assembling cassettes and their cases was completely done in the company, with very new machines for that period.

After a meticulous analysis of new possible trends of the market, in 2005 the company acquired a company specialized in the field of glass blowing and in the production of items for electromedical equipments, the Locati S.r.l., which is nowadays a leading company in the production of aerosol ampoules both in glass and in plastic.

At the end of 2011, with the reorganization of the company, Locati S.r.l. was incorporated by merger and today the company includes a department of highly qualified glass blowing.

Today our mission is to become popular in a completely different market, through real sacred works of art, entirely hand made by glass blowers of very high level.  

Teodora Marchesi

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