Blown glass

Schermata 2014 09 26 alle 18.13.56

“According to an old legend, referred by the Roman historian Plinius, some Phoenician sailors lighted a fire on the beach to warm up after the storm.  Suddenly they discovered with astonishment that a slimy and transparent substance flowed from the beach to the sea, in contact with the warmth of the flame and when it became cold it solidified and transformed into different shapes.”

Glass is a homogenous and compact product, very transparent, mainly made of silicon and      flux materials (sodium and potassium oxides). Light, waterproof, resistant and fragile at the same time, easy to be colored and to be decorated, it has special characteristics and properties, very different from every other material. This is due to its particular physical state: it is in fact a liquid substance with high viscosity. Thus, it is a homogenous and compact material, with a great transparency and ideal to take a great variety of shapes.

For all these reasons, we can say that glass is one of the most important achievements in the history of tecnological and artistic field. 

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